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Curries can be found everywhere in Asia. Every Asian country has its own spice combinations that create delicious flavors. The spiciness varies from mild (*) to very spicy (***). Curry is often fried with vegetables and served with noodles or rice. Of course you can do much more with curry! In this curry file we discuss Thai curry pastes.

You can easily make roasted curry pointed cabbage with leftover curry paste

The big curry file

Curry paste is a spice mixture that is the foundation of many Asian dishes. The basic ingredients are the same in almost every variant: hot peppers, lime grass, ginger, garlic, shallot, and dry spices such as cumin, coriander seeds and turmeric. Because you use so many different ingredients, you can experiment endlessly with the taste. No curry tastes the same! Get started? Then make this onefish curry with turmeric and coconut.

Click on the markers on the map and discover which curry they eat in Asia!

India, Thailand and other countries

Where curry originally comes from remains a question. One says India, the other Thailand. What we do know is that Thai curry dishes are often spicier than Indian ones.

Curry is also a classic dish in Vietnam. There they eat it with pieces of baguette. Yes really. It is a remnant of the French colonization in the country.

Chana masala is a well-known curry from India. This dish is filled with chickpeas and tomatoes and served with boiled rice or flatbread.

Laksa is very famous in Singapore. It is a curry soup, often filled with fish and shrimp.

roast chicken with laksa and bean sprouts salad

This delicious roasted laksa chicken can be in the oven within fifteen minutes. The fresh Asian salad with green beans, bean sprouts and lime goes perfectly with the spicy chicken.

Prefer fried chicken without an Asian twist?Then try our roast chicken with garlic mayonnaise.

according to recipe

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Malaysians enjoy penang curry. Peanuts are added to the red curry paste, giving the already fairly mild sauce a nutty taste.

And what about in Europe? It was the British colonists of the East India Company who introduced curry in the 18ecentury to Europe. In England, curry quickly became popular due to the hippie culture and the oil crisis. And the potato farmers noticed this, because they suffered greatly from the massive import of rice.

Red, yellow and green

Back to the Thai curry, because that is ultimately what this file is about. The name of the different curries is derived from the color of chili pepper used for the paste. Coconut milk is used in almost every curry dish. This way you get wonderfully creamy results.

Rood (**)

Kaeng phet, as the Thais call it, is a slightly spicy curry. It is often combined with chicken, duck or shrimp. Thai red curry paste is made from a mix ofdried red chili, lemongrass, garlic, shallot and galangal.You can make this delicious dish with red curry Thai fish curry with pumpkin and tomato.

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Yellow (*)

Kaeng kari is the mildest curry of all curry types. This curry is also combined with meat or fish, but is also very tasty as a vegetarian. Important ingredients in Thai yellow curry paste aremustard seed, turmeric, cumin and coriander seed.For example, createmussels in yellow curry.

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Green (***)

The spiciest curry is gaeng khiao wan. In addition to fish or meat, you can also fill this curry with vegetables. Thai green curry includes:fresh green pepper, lemongrass, coriander and galangal.Make this with green curryThai pea and coconut soup.

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Massaman (*)

Gaeng Massaman, as they call it in Thailand, is a sweet, sour and spicy curry. Peanuts are often added to this curry. A very important ingredient in this curry ispotato. There is furthermorenutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric and red chili pepperin.

Curry and vegetables

Vegetables should not be missing in a good curry. For example, you can make spicy curry sweeter by addingcarrotofsweet potatoto add. And how aboutpumpkin? If you go for a vegetarian curry, you can also opt forgreen beans, snow peas and eggplant. Or trybaby corn, Thai eggplant, sugar snaps, bean sprouts or pak choi.

yellow no-waste curry

Did you open the refrigerator this morning and see that leftover vegetables from last night? No waste, because you can use all the leftovers in this yellow curry. From pumpkin to beans and cauliflower.

according to recipe

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Peanuts and cashew nuts are also delicious in curry. For a more intense flavor, roast the nuts in advance


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The big curry file + the best recipes | delicious.magazine (2024)


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