Swiss cream – basic recipe (2024)

Swiss cream is a combination of pastry cream and whipped cream and is therefore light in structure and full of flavor. You can use this Swiss cream recipe in many different recipes; fill thereprofiterolesor eclairs, use it as a filling in a tompouce oropen jam cake, serve it with fresh fruit or use it as a topping on a cake or pie. You can make the pastry cream a day in advance. Use a bag of whipped cream stiffener to ensure that the cream retains its lightness.

Swiss cream – basic recipe (1)

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List of ingredients

  • For the Swiss cream
  • 350 ml whipped cream
  • 40 grams of sugar
  • 1 bag of whipped cream stiffener, optional
  • 1pastry cream recipe

Making Swiss cream

Beat the whipped cream with the sugar and, if desired, the whipped cream stiffener until stiff. Lookherefor tips on whipping Beat the cooled pastry cream into a smooth cream. Fold the whipped cream into the pastry cream. The Swiss cream is now ready for further processing.

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Comments (16)

Jonna@burgertrutjesNL2017-05-19 09:09:54

Tried a similar recipe over a year ago and it was a hit. I say time for attempt 2, your recipe should definitely turn out well :)

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Rutger2017-05-19 09:45:32

It should be fine, especially with a bag of whipped cream stiffener!

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (6)

Gretel2018-06-13 14:53:21

I just made the Swiss cream. How delicious it is!

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Ivonne2018-11-03 13:54:28

How long can I keep this in the refrigerator?

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Rutger2018-11-04 15:46:46

The cream tastes best if you use it the first 2 days. I wouldn't keep the cream much longer.

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (7)

shirley2020-07-03 18:04:03

I want to make a naked cake with this filling. Can I also cover it with this (smooth layers on the side) so that no slab of marzipan or fondant gets over it?

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Rutger2020-07-06 16:44:30

This cream is not firm enough for that. You can add some gelatin, but I still doubt whether this is the right cream. I would rather go for a buttercream.

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (8)

Lyanda2022-04-10 19:05:45

Could you also fill with Swiss cream and then top with buttercream? Or is that not a good combination?

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Rutger2022-04-13 14:47:13

That's fine.

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (9)

Tear2021-02-02 11:03:06

Can you also make a raspberry variant of the Swiss cream, such as the raspberry buttercream variant? Or is Swiss cream not firm enough for that anyway?

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They are

Rutger2021-02-08 12:19:53

I think it is possible, but then you have to work with gelatin. Otherwise the cream is really not firm enough.

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (10)

Neeltje2021-05-26 14:34:53

I made it, but found the yellow cream so sweet that I mixed it with whipped cream without sugar. Then the cream was perfect.

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See2021-08-18 11:51:23

I am going to try to make the favorite Hema cream pie of my son-in-law and daughter from America so that I can make it when I am with them in Virginia USA

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Jan2021-08-18 16:51:06

Very useful and nice concise side. Clear for those with some experience. Congratulations and thank you.

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Jamie2021-12-29 19:37:03

Can you fill a Berlin bun with this cream? Thank you!!

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Rutger2021-12-31 11:28:50


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Swiss cream – basic recipe (11)

Gerdy2022-01-11 11:32:59

What do they use in Hema's Tompoes?

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Rutger2022-01-17 08:45:23

That is a pastry cream based on a powder mix.

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (12)

Emmy2022-02-17 13:06:09

Hi Rutger, can you also add a little whipping fix to the Swiss cream to make it a bit firmer?

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Rutger2022-02-22 09:52:22

That's fine. Then beat it with the whipped cream.

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (13)

Jolien Walraven2022-03-10 20:37:55

How much pastry cream do you use in the Swiss cream? How many grams of pastry cream do you get from 1 recipe?

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Rutger2022-03-13 12:42:11

About 650 grams

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (14)

Miranda2022-04-04 15:58:21

After reading the recipe and all the comments carefully, I made the puffs for the first time... they turned out great!!! They taste delicious with Swiss cream filling👌🏻

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Balto2022-04-07 12:20:14

Can you also replace the whipped cream stiffener with gelatin? And how many grams of gelatin would you add?

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Rutger2022-04-10 10:50:45

Which can. You can then use 1-2 leaves of gelatin (1.6 grams each).

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (15)

Yvonne2022-08-08 00:37:33

Hi Rutger, I put the pastry cream in the refrigerator for a few hours to cool down, then whisked in the whipped cream (according to your recipe). After I piped it into the eclairs, the Swiss cream completely disappeared. Can you tell me what caused that and what I should have done differently? I'd like to hear it from you. Greetings Yvonne

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Rutger2022-08-08 13:31:30

Hi. There could be several reasons for this. Whipped cream not fat enough, whipped cream not whipped long enough, mixed with the pastry cream for too long, overheated.

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (16)

Lisa2022-10-30 10:49:07

Can you also freeze the Swiss cream?

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Rutger2022-10-31 08:43:34

That's not a success!

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (17)

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Swiss cream – basic recipe (18)

Swiss cream – basic recipe (2024)


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