Super Bowl recipes – snacks, burgers and co. the best party recipes (2024)

Super Bowl LVIII is the sporting event of the year in the USA. In the 58th edition, the Kansas City Chiefs will meet the San Francisco 49ers on the night of Sunday to Monday on February 12, 2024 at 12:30 a.m. (CET, live on RTL/DAZN) in the Allegiant Stadium in Paradise near Las Vegas, Nevada . We have the bestSuper Bowl Recipesput together for your football party!

Finger food is primarily suitable for the Super Bowl party. Typically American snacks such as onion rings, chicken wings, but also burgers and ribs are a perfect companion for the football evening in front of the TV.


Super Bowl recipes – snacks, burgers and co. the best party recipes (1)

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Update from January 29, 2024:We have expanded our list of Super Bowl recipes to include some finger food recipes. We prepared many of these recipes on the Moesta-Sheriff pellet grill and the Bandit Fireplace. In keeping with this year's Super Bowl, Moesta-BBQ has put together promotional packages where you can...You can save over €450 when buying these grills.

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Our top 15 Super Bowl recipes

Recommended Post Pulled Pork NachosPulled Pork Nachos are an ideal finger food or party snack. We also have no inhibitions about preparing a delicious pan full of pulled pork nachos for a cozy TV evening. This quick snack is always possible and can be prepared in just a few minutes.

Corn Dogs – sausages coated in corn dough
Corn dogs are a US fast food classic. Sausages on skewers in deep-fried batter have been around in the USA since 1942 and are still one of the most popular snacks in the land of opportunity.
—>Click here for the recipe<—

Stuffed onion rings with bacon and minced meat
We love all kinds of onion rings and in this version, two onion rings are filled with minced meat, wrapped in bacon, then indirectly grilled and later glazed with barbecue sauce. These stuffed onion rings are worth the effort!
—>Click here for the recipe<—

Memphis Dry Ribs
If you want a change from the otherwise sticky-sweet glazed spare ribs, the Memphis Dry Ribs are the right choice! By regularly spraying with apple juice and apple cider vinegar, the ribs get a great crust and are in no way “dry”.
—>Click here for the recipe<—

Pig Sticks – finger food with minced meat and bacon
These little minced meat skewers are full of flavor and make a great finger food snack for the Super Bowl! We recommend ours as a dipChipotle-Sauceand a BBQ sauce of your choice.
—>Click here for the recipe<—

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings
We've grilled many different versions of chicken wings, but these Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings are definitely one of the best wings we've made so far! The wings are juicy, have crispy skin and the garlic parmesan coating adds a lot of flavor! —>Click here for the recipe<—

Corn ribs – grilled corn with a difference
These corn ribs are a real firework of flavors. Sweet corn seasoned with BBQ rub and melted butter and then topped with Sriracha mayonnaise, feta, chilies, coriander and grilled lemon is simply hard to beat in terms of taste.
—>Click here for the recipe<—

Bacon Onion Rings – Bacon-Zwiebelringe
“Everything tastes better with bacon” – who doesn’t know this saying? And it really is, because these bacon and onion rings are out of this world. The onion rings are a little more complicated to prepare, but the taste experience is second to none!
—>Click here for the recipe<—

Moink Balls – Moo meets Oink
Juicy minced meatballs made from pure ground beef (Moo) wrapped in delicious bacon (Oink) are a real BBQ classic. The delicious meatballs are quick to prepare and can be ideally prepared with just a few ingredients.
—>Click here for the recipe<—

Of course, a burger shouldn't be missing from the top 10 Super Bowl recipes. A burger without a lot of frills: beef, cheddar and jalapenos ensure a well-rounded taste experience in the chili cheeseburger. You don't need anything more! –
–>Click here for the recipe<—

Onion rings in beer batter
“Beer-battered Onion Rings” are one of the typical American fast food snacks that should not be missing at any Super Bowl party. This version with spicy BBQ rub and craft beer in the batter sets new standards for onion rings! Be careful hot and greasy! —>Click here for the recipe<—

3-2-1 Ribs
Admittedly, ribs are not really fast food and they are also a quick snack. It takes a few hours to prepare really good and juicy spare ribs. Nevertheless, the ribs can be wonderfully prepared for a party and served at the kick-off of the Super Bowl. —>Click here for the recipe<—

Chili Cheese Balls
Finger food at it’s best! The spicy meatballs with a creamy chili cheese core are popular with young and old. The meatballs are easy to prepare and are an integral part of any Super Bowl party. —>Click here for the recipe<—

Pretzel Dogs
Pretzel and hot dog? Sounds strange, but tastes really great! Of course, this snack also has its origins in the motherland of fast food. You can also fill it with bacon and cheese or other ingredients. Pretzel Dogs are easy to prepare for the Super Bowl TV evening. —>Click here for the recipe<—

Mexican Chicken Wings
Chicken wings are the ultimate classic. A party without wings? Without me! Chicken wings are cheap, delicious and you can always season and glaze them differently. This spicy version with Mexican seasoning and sweet glaze is a real hit! —>Click here for the recipe<—

Cheese plucked bread
Last but not least: The party bread with cheese and herbs is of course a must. It can be ideally prepared (even in larger quantities) and when the guests arrive, just put it in the oven or grill and everyone can help themselves! —>Click here for the recipe<—

More Super Bowl party recipes?

These Super Bowl recipes aren't enough for you? No problem! Of course you can find a lot more on BBQPit.deSuper Bowl Snacks,Partyrezepte,Super Bowl Burger Recipes,Super Bowl Sandwichesand much more! Do you have any Super Bowl recipes that are missing here? Then please leave us a comment!

Super Bowl recipes – snacks, burgers and co. the best party recipes (20)

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Accessories for your Super Bowl party

In order to start the Super Bowl evening in style, the right accessories should of course not be missing. We have listed our top 10 Super Bowl fan items that should not be missing from any football evening:

  1. Snack stadium for self-filling
  2. Ceramic snack bowl in the shape of a football
  3. Beer glasses in the shape of a football
  4. Ceramic serving plate in the shape of a football field
  5. True-to-scale American football baking pan
  6. American Football Whiskey-Set mit Dekanter
  7. American Football Tasse
  8. American football pint glasses with metal football
  9. American football shot glasses/shot glasses
  10. American football bottle opener

Super Bowl recipes – snacks, burgers and co. the best party recipes (22)

The best Super Bowl recipes

The best Super Bowl Finerfood recipes at a glance:


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Super Bowl recipes – snacks, burgers and co. the best party recipes (2024)


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