Super Bowl: Checklist for the football finale party (2024)


Plan the perfect sports evening

Super Bowl: Checklist for the football finale party

Super Bowl: Checklist for the football finale party (1)

This is how you can technically prepare yourself for the Super Bowl.


The biggest sporting event of the year is getting closer and closer: The Super Bowl will take place on February 12th - the finale of the National Football League football championship. The teams competePhiladelphia Eaglesagainst theKansas City Chiefsat. The biggest US show of the year has now become a big deal in Germany too: countless Germans watch the broadcast on TV and are excited.

Of course, the big event requires snacks, a sufficiently large screen and a good atmosphere! We'll show you howprepare technically for the gameand spend an unforgettable evening with your friends.

The be-all and end-all: A large screen

A large TV is essential for an intense, exciting sports experience. A good model, like the Hisense 50-inch TV with 4K resolution, is currently available for15 percent discount atAmazon on offer. The model even offers a sports mode that shows the game in even more detail. The television is also impressive outside of the Super Bowl - it also has a gaming mode and a number of smart functions.

Hisense 50-inch TV: The most important features at a glance

  • Model:Hisense 50A6GG TV
  • Dimensions:50 inches
  • Resolution:4K
  • Particularities:Smart TV, Game Mode, Sportmodus, WLAN, Bluetooth, Dolby Vision
  • Deal price: 329 euros(instead of 389 euros RRP)

For its quite affordable price, the Hisense50A6GG is definitely a good choice. In tests by specialist magazines, the black image area and the sound quality are particularly criticized. Overall, the image quality deserves praise - as fast camera movements are no problem thanks to the sport mode.

Amazon offers thatlowest overall pricefor the television with a good price-performance ratio. Here you don't pay any shipping and save a few euros compared to other shops. ForSports fansSo the television is a cheap, worthwhile purchase.


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Even more from the picture: mobile cinema thanks to a projector

If you watch the Super Bowl on oneeven bigger screenIf you want to see something, a portable projector is a great way to watch the spectacle on the go. In tests it hasBluetooth projector from Bigasuocut off in the category for cheap projectors.

Trade magazines rate the quality of the projector very well. The device even comes with a 100-inch screen. The only thing that was criticized was the touch sensitivity of the projector. So it's best not to place it so that it's out of reach.

  • Model:Bigasuo Bluetooth Beamer
  • Resolution:1080 Pixel
  • Screen size: 250 inches
  • Connections:HDMI, VGA, AV, USB, Smartphones
  • Particularities:Connection via Bluetooth, screen included
  • Price: 169.89 euros

With the projector you can still enjoy a big screen even after the Super Bowl. The purchase is therefore not just suitable for one evening.

Necessary for the projector: the big screen

A screen makes sense when buying a projector. A screen with a stand also offers the option of conveniently attaching the projector. The canvas ofGobrans ChoiceFor example, it can display images up to 120 inches and can be set up flexibly and quickly dismantled thanks to two stands.

A projector and a suitable screen are idealspace-saving home cinemafor small apartments or rooms, as you can simply put them aside when they are not needed.

Soundbar from Denon: Top sound for the halftime show

The Super Bowl is not just about the game, but more importantly about themHalftime show. This year will beRihannato entertain the stadium at halftime - and of course you want a strong sound at home.

Amazon currently has the best price on itDenon DHT-S216 2,1 TV-Soundbarwith integrated subwoofer as a relatively inexpensive sound system for the home theater. It can be connected via Bluetooth, AUX or HDMI cable.

  • Model:Denon DHT-S216 2.1 TV Soundbar
  • Scope of delivery:Soundbar, audio cable, HDMI cable
  • Dimensions:89 centimeters x 12 centimeters x 6 centimeters
  • Connection:HDMI, AUX, Bluetooth
  • Furnishing:Integrated subwoofer, two tweeters and two midrange speakers
  • Price: 199 euros(instead of 219 euros RRP)

Tests by specialist magazines criticize the deep housing of the soundbar, which is not necessarily space-saving. In addition, the device does not have a USB port. For the affordable price range in which the Denon DHT-S216 is, it still performs well and offers199 Euroa solid choice.

Fully equipped for the Super Bowl

Whether you want to watch the Super Bowl on a screen or on TV is of course up to you - both devices we have presented deliver good quality at affordable prices. And enable onegreat sports experience on Super Bowl day. Even with a view to the time after the Super Bowl, the Hisense television and the Bigasou projector are a good investment that will actually save you money.

*We use affiliate links in this post. If you purchase a product via these links, we receive a commission from the provider. There are no additional costs for you. Where and when you buy a product is of course up to you.


Super Bowl


Super Bowl: Checklist for the football finale party (2024)


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