Super Bowl 2024: All information about the broadcast and halftime show (2024)

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The 58th Super Bowl (LVIII) will take place in the USA on February 12, 2024 - kickoff is at 12:30 a.m. German time on the night of Sunday to Monday. The venue is Allegiant Stadium in the city of Paradise, Nevada, where the Las Vegas Raiders' home games also take place. Allegiant Stadium, which opened in 2020, can accommodate up to 72,000 spectators (regularly 65,000), who can experience the sports spectacle on site starting at US$700 for a ticket via the NFL lottery. However, the market prices for the tickets are several thousand dollars per ticket.

Free-TV und Streaming

In Germany, RTL has taken over the free TV broadcasting rights for the current season and the coming years from Pro7. The NFL Gamepass has been available in Germany via DAZN since this season. The final of the NFL 2023/2024 can be watched live on DAZN and RTL+ on the Internet, but for a fee. DAZN charges 99 cents to broadcast the Super Bowl - according to its own statements with original US comments and US advertising.

In 2023, DAZN secured exclusive distribution of the NFL Gamepass for ten years; previously, the NFL largely offered distribution through its own channels. Until recently, there were always problems with playback at DAZN, and those affected also reported connection problems. In the US, Paramount Global will simulcast Super Bowl LVIII on CBS and Nickelodeon - adapted for children on Nickelodeon. According to reports, Paramount wants to test whether viewership can be increased with a broadcast aimed at children and families.

NFL games in Germany

The sport, which is becoming increasingly popular in Europe, has prompted the NFL to play two games in Germany and three in Great Britain (London) this season. The two games in Germany took place at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt am Main, home of Eintracht Frankfurt. On the one hand, the sport should be made more popular worldwide, but on the other hand, there are also talents in Europe who are interesting for the NFL. The first official NFL game took place in Munich in 2022.

For example, the German Mark Nzeocha, who was born in Ansbach (Bavaria), last played for the San Francisco 49ers and reached the Super Bowl with his team in 2020, but lost to the Chiefs. After four years the game is now repeating itself. A National Football League game is also planned in Germany for the coming season (2024/2025). As in 2022, the game will take place in the Allianz Arena of FC Bayern Munich. Another game outside the USA is scheduled to take place in Mexico in 2024. This was originally planned for this season, but the Mexican stadium was still under renovation, so Germany got two games.

Appearance of the stars – anthem and halftime show

Musical highlights are the vocal performances by well-known artists. The American anthem will be sung before the game by country singer Reba McEntire. The US rapper Post Malone sings "America The Beautiful" and the soul and R&B singer Andra Day sings "Lift Every Voice and Sing", which is also known as the national anthem of the US African-Americans and is regularly part of the opening act at Super Bowl is.

Every year, the halftime show is an event within an event, for which the interior of the stadium is partly converted at great expense. At the 58th Super Bowl, the halftime performance that many artists consider an honor will go to Usher. The R&B singer will perform around 2 a.m. German time on the night from Sunday to Monday. In recent years, the highest viewing figures have been achieved during the halftime show. The performance lasts about 15 minutes. Apple has 2023Pepsi replaced as long-time sponsor of the halftime show.

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Bard and ChatGPT: Who will win the Super Bowl?

AI shouldn't be missing in the NFL either: While ChatGPT doesn't make any predictions about future events, Google's Bard gives more than questionable answers to the question: "Who will win the Super Bowl 2024?" Google's AI is apparently already moving into the future. On January 29, 2024, a few hours after the two finalists had been announced, Bard was already over. The answer to the possible winner was almost two weeks before the final: "Super Bowl 58 already took place on February 12, 2024, and the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 38:24."

At least the participating teams voted. Last October, Bard predicted that the Buffalo Bills would play the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 58. In addition, Bard claimed at the same time that the relationship between the football player Tarvis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) and Taylor Swift, who recently started datingAI-generated p*rnographic images on X(formerly Twitter) made headlines, will not last until February 2024.

The human experts were slightly better with their forecast. Four out of ten ESPN analysts correctly predicted the Super Bowl matchup and predicted the Chiefs to be the winner. Seven out of ten were sure that the San Francisco 49ers would make it to the Super Bowl. After all, the two teams meet in the final,that almost everyone wants to see. After 100 simulated encounters between the Chiefs and 49ers, Google's AI gave last year's winner a 70 percent chance of victory - the Kansas City Chiefs.

Super Bowl 2024: All information about the broadcast and halftime show (2024)


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