Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (2024)

At the weekend I took advantage of the “husband-is-not-at-home hour” and made grandma’s cabbage wraps – and really celebrated it! I actually really like cabbage. But I'm alone in this. Winter vegetables arouse little enthusiasm for men. And that's putting it nicely. So that Saturday I treated myself to the classic alone. Sheet by sheet filled with mince and tied into small packages. Yes, admittedly – ​​I still had a lot of cabbage wraps left at the end. But the good thing about it: the packages are easy to freeze. Perfect for lazy weekends when I feel like hearty home cooking again.


  • 1. Which cabbage for grandma's cabbage wrap?
    • 1.1. Blanch the cabbage leaves first, then stuff them
  • 2. The recipe for your cabbage wraps with minced meat
    • 2.1. Krautwickel with fish
    • 2.2. Vegetarian cabbage rolls
  • 3. How do you wrap cabbage wraps?
  • 4. This is how you braise cabbage wraps correctly
    • 4.1. Braise the cabbage wraps in the oven
  • 5. No cabbage wraps without sauce
  • 6. The side dishes – what goes well with cabbage wraps?
  • 7. How long do cabbage wraps last?

Which cabbage for grandma's cabbage wrap?

Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (1)

Typically German cabbage wraps are includedWhite cabbageprepared. Why? Well, because he's a veryfine,mild aromahas. This property makes cabbage the most popular variety in Europe. Also popular cabbage wrap variants are prepared with these varieties:

  • savoy
  • Spitzkohl
  • Chinakohl

I actually prefer to use savoy cabbage. This type of cabbage is my personal favorite. That's why grandma's recipe also includes those winter vegetables. If you like, you can even use red cabbage leaves. These have a stronger aroma compared to the other varieties.

Blanch the cabbage leaves first, then stuff them

The top priority for the easy preparation of cabbage wraps:Blanch cabbage leaves in hot water with caraway seeds for 5-6 minutes. Only then can it be filled and wrapped. Why is this step so important?

Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (2)

  • Caraway helps the cabbage with thismore digestiblebecause the vegetables are difficult for the stomach to digest.
  • The hot watermakes the leaves flexible, so they don't tear when changing.
  • The cabbage wraps then cook in the ovenfaster and evenly.

If you use white cabbage, another tip for you:Place the entire head in hot water. This helps make it easier to defoliate, as the heat separates the leaves from the core. To do this, cut out the stalk and place the head of cabbage in the water for a few minutes. Then carefully loosen the leaves with a spoon, remove and drain.

The recipe for your cabbage wraps with minced meat

The best thing about the cabbage rolls is of course the filling. The classic one consists ofminced meatNaturally hearty, prepared – as befits a classic dish. The most popular vegetarian filling is made from couscous. But more on that later.

Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (3)

For the spicy taste of the minced meat filling comediced onion,Mustard,Paprika powder,Salt and pepperfor use. If you like, add garlic or fresh herbs. Marjoram, parsley and oregano taste particularly delicious. The latter has already happened to mineMeatballs with fetaproven.

Last but not least come one moreNoand astale bread rollin addition. This is important so that the mass binds better. To do this, soak the roll in advance and squeeze it out well. Then mix with the remaining ingredients and add it to the cabbage leaves. By the way, you calculate per personapprox. 125 g minced meat as fillinga.Here everything is explained step by step.

Special accessories:kitchen twine

How to do it:

Krautwickel with fish

Not exactly typical, but delicious - a filling with fish. Are suitableTrout fillet,cod,Seelachs or smoked fish.

The preparation is similar to the classic minced meat filling.500g fishCut into fine pieces of your choice and mix with diced onion, soaked bread roll and egg. Provide some flavor for the fillingCapers,OliveorHerbs like dill and coriander.

Vegetarian cabbage rolls

Are you vegetarian or vegan? Then lots of delicious fillings are waiting for you. I speak from experience.Vegetarian KohlrouladenI also lace up every now and then. Hop over to my recipe. Basically, you can fill the wraps with anything that fits. Here's a little inspiration for you:

  • Rice with vegetables such as peas, carrots or mushrooms
  • Couscous or bulgur with feta
  • Hazelnut and goat cheese mixture
  • Lentil Bolognese
  • Smoked tofu with tomatoes

How do you wrap cabbage wraps?

Now it's time to put together the package. This is very easy and quick to do. All you need to keep the cabbage wraps in shape is somethingkitchen twine. This is made of food-safe and tasteless cotton. Alternatively, you can also use toothpicks. And then it can start:

Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (14)

Step 1: Depending on sizePlace two cabbage leaves on top of each other. If necessary, cut away some very thick ribs.

Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (15)

Step 2: About1-2 tbsp minced meat mixtureForm into an elongated meatball. Place on the bottom edge of the leaf with the thick rib.

Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (16)

Step 3: Place rib over filling andFold the leaf sides inwards. Roll up the cabbage leaf.

Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (17)

Step 4: Place the cabbage wrap with the seam side down andTie tightly with kitchen twine.

If you still have cabbage left at the end, you can still use the vegetables for these delicacies:

  • cabbage strudel
  • Sauerkraut
  • White cabbage salad
  • Creamy sauerkraut with pork medallions
  • Kumpir with coleslaw
  • White cabbage curry with chicken
  • Bavarian cabbage

This is how you braise cabbage wraps correctly

As soon as the cabbage rolls are put together, they go into the roasting pan.The wraps are first fried and then braised. It is important that they only simmer gently over medium heat. With my Bosch Series 8 induction hob, this practically works by itself. Until the lid is on the pot, do this:

Heat butter in the roaster and place cabbage rolls all aroundFry for 2-3 minutes. They are allowed to brown a little. Then briefly fry the bacon cubes and tomato market.Deglaze the cabbage wraps with broth,Bring to the boil once and simmer covered for about 45 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, the packets should be nice and soft and the mince should of course be cooked through.

Susanne's tip

Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (18)

Your cabbage wraps will stew as if by themselves

As soon as the cabbage wraps are tied up, they go into the roaster. The be-all and end-all of braising? The packets should only simmer gently. I leave it to the Bosch Series 8 induction hob to find the right temperature. Once all the wraps are in the pot, I activate the PerfectCook cooking sensor and let it do all the work. It regulates the temperature completely automatically.

Want even more classics from grandma's recipe collection? How aboutstuffed duck? It doesn't just taste great at Christmas.

Braise the cabbage wraps in the oven

Of course, you can also prepare the classic in the oven. It's just as easy and can be done quickly. It's best to fry the cabbage wraps in a roasting pan or ovenproof pot. Then deglaze as usual and keep covered180 °C top/bottom heat 30-40 minutesferment. Next time I might braise my packages in mine tootajine. Should work too.

No cabbage wraps without sauce

If you're going to have cabbage wraps, then with a lot of sauce. This is simply how I like the classic best. To do this, I thicken the broth by simmering the packets. There's a lot of flavor in here. Simply take the cabbage wraps out of the roasting pan andBring the broth to the boil again.Stir in 2 tablespoons of dark sauce thickener and Simmer for 1 minute while stirring- complete.

If you like it a little fuller, you can also refine the brew with cream. For that200 ml SahneStir in and let the sauce simmer gently. To tie off1 tbsp flour with a little waterStir until smooth, add to the sauce and allow to thicken while stirring.

Alternatively, you can also make the cabbage rolls directly in onetomato sauceferment. This fruity variant is also a popular accompaniment to the wraps. For that1 can of chopped tomatoeswith500 ml broth of your choice,200 ml cream, salt and pepperpuree. Pour the sauce over the fried cabbage wraps and let everything braise as usual.

The side dishes – what goes well with cabbage wraps?

On days when I'm low-carb, two to three of the wraps with just sauce are enough for me - and I'm happy. On all other days there is the hearty classic with typical side dishes such as:

  • Salt potatoes
  • Mashed potatoes
  • fried potatoes
  • Reis
  • Polenta orpolenta slices
  • Bavarian Kraut (braised cabbage)
  • Salat

How long do cabbage wraps last?

Do you still have cabbage rolls left? Lucky you! Then you can snack on it for a few more days. The finished braised cabbage rolls keep wellup to 3 daysfresh in the fridge.

To make them last longer, you can also easily freeze the wraps. Important:Allow cabbage rolls to cool before freezing. Then pour some of the sauce into a freezer bag and put it in the freezer. They're like thatup to 3 monthsdurable.

Before heating, let the cabbage wraps thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Then again in the sauceHeat for 10-15 minutes.

Krautwickel with minced meat according to grandma's recipe (2024)


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