10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (2024)


Here are our 10 suggestions for homemade recipes to cook slowly at home. Many of these recipes, such as the pie, the 2 cookie recipes and the baked donuts, are perfect to offer on New Year's Eve and are great holiday classics.

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (1)

gingerbread pancake bar (for Christmas brunch).

The principle of the crepe bar is simple. Place the desired quantity of pancakes on a board and add the desired toppings (in this case, clementines, oranges, whipped cream, candied orange or ginger, figs, pecans and maple syrup. Because our early mornings will be slow and gentle this year, we eat our pancakes in our pajamas and slippers!

for my gingerbread pancake bar recipe.

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (2)

mimosa (without alcohol).

I dedicate this recipe to all future and new mothers who cannot drink alcohol during the holiday season. Best served on Christmas morning in a champagne glass, as it automatically becomes more festive!

for my mimosa recipe (without alcohol).

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (3)

warm kale dip.

All vegetable and/or cheese platters should have a vegetable dip. It's like an unwritten law, we have no choice because it's too good. The luxury and festive version is the hot dip. That said, I'm sharing with you my favorite dip for several years, which I like to serve with bagel chips or pita wedges. Just that can make an excellent meal!

for my hot kale dip recipe.

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (4)

shrimp co*cktail & gin and pineapple sauce.

Since we have to celebrate differently this year, this means that the big giant shrimp crown will be less popular.

But if we go back to its origins, the crown of shrimp in the old days was served in portions of 15 to 20 shrimp in a co*cktail glass. Everything that is ideal for an aperitif for 2.

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (5)

Christmas mocktail with clementines & cranberries.

You certainly know your love for aperitif time! I consider it a special opportunity to take a break and chat about the day, whether with my family bubble or my loved ones virtually!

So I offer you this little mocktail with clementines and cranberries, which has everything to please with its festive elegance. I am sure it will become a classic of your holiday season thanks to its simplicity. It’s a perfect option when you want an aperitif, but don’t feel like consuming alcohol.

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (6)

gingerbread cookies (which taste like cream sugar) & apple dip.

Here are hybrid cookies between gingerbread and cream sugar! The traditional molasses in gingerbread cookies has been replaced by a “homegrown” sugar, a.k.a. maple syrup. When you bite into a gingerbread cookie, it tastes like cream sugar. And since fruit is never far from the table at home, we accompany these Christmas cookies with apple dip. The sky!

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (7)

easy two-chocolate cookies.

Tender, chewy and with a consistency reminiscent of brownies, these are the perfect cookies to satisfy a chocolate craving. We don't skimp on the quality of the ingredients. We get good cocoa powder, homemade or store-bought chocolate-hazelnut spread (ideally without trans fat) and white chocolate from our favorite chocolatier.

for my recipe for easy two-chocolate cookies.

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (8)

Baked donuts (with powdered sugar).

Donuts sprinkled with icing sugar are a great classic in my family at Christmas. My grandmother had a recipe for donuts that she fried, but I always found the pot of oil too intimidating to make them.

I therefore offer you a recipe for donuts without frying, which have the advantage of being as tender and soft as the recipe I remember. The recipe makes 12, which is ideal for our family bubble.

for my baked donuts recipe (with powdered sugar).

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (9)

quick apple, cranberry & Christmas spice pie.

As soon as December rolls around, I always have fresh organic apples and cranberries in the fridge. It keeps for several weeks, it’s always there to help us out and it’s a holiday flavor.

My pie tastes just as good cold as it does hot… but it’s really better hot with ice cream.

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (10)

an aperitif board for 4

It's a classic! During the holiday season, nothing beats an elegant Quebec cheese platter, which stands out for the quality and freshness of its ingredients.

This year for Christmas, I am going to prepare a “fruit crackers” platter. Yes yes! I don't put crackers or bread in my tray. These are fruit slices! Each fruit is carefully combined with a Quebec cheese and a little magical touch like fresh herbs or berry jelly. It will be very simple for a Christmas in a bubble!

to find out how to create your own festive and healthy aperitif board.

10 recipes to cook for Christmas. (2024)


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